Executive Search For Emerging Technology & Services Companies


Identifying and acquiring the best executive talent is critical to the success of an emerging technology or services venture.  Startups, midcap and even divisions of Fortune 500 companies can quickly collapse under the direction of an ineffective mid-level executive.  Executing a disciplined executive recruitment process requires more than a rolodex or industry experience and to do it right, it’s harder than you think.

§  Effective executive recruitment requires extensive and disciplined due diligence that is consistent with your goals.

§  A successful process means accelerating the right activities at the right time and discontinuing time wasting activities in order to focus on more important stages of the search process.

§  Reducing the risk of mis-hires necessitates in-depth matching the executive candidate’s experience and skills to a broader range of attributes related to the business drivers, team and culture.

Engaging executive search firms can be frustrating, slow and expensive leading to long, unbending processes that offer few early results.  Many executive searches are in trouble at the very beginning of the engagement.  Do you have an executive search in trouble?  Find out by reading a brief white paper on ‘The Top 10 Signs of a Troubled Executive Search.

Wise Search changes the rules of the game and exploits certain disciplines typically not applied by executive search firms.  Our approach to executive search is straightforward and focused on conscientious delivery of services beyond that of hyped, extravagant and sometimes empty promises made by other search firms.

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